Sunday, June 01, 2008


My friend and chosen sister Kathy B. came down last night and took me to see Crosby, Stills and Nash's kickoff concert at the Wells Fargo Center. Kathy is my concert pal. I took her to see The Moody Blues in March for her birthday and she treated me to CSN for my b-day. Yeah, we like geriatric rock and roll, but we also like the newer stuff and will be getting together Dutch-treat to see Chris Isaak at the end of July.

We ate Chinese food before the concert and had a giggle over some crazy email pictures sent by my Aunt Blanche, and just had a great time together as always. We even stopped by Quilted Vine and contributed to the Sonoma County economy. Kathy and I brokered a trade on some friendship blocks for our Fat Quarters (no comments please) online group. I'll do her Sunbonnet Sue applique for Marilyn and she'll do my Dutchman's Puzzle blocks for Sharon. Win-win!!

We get to see each other again next weekend for the Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County's annual show, and our pal Becky may even get to join us.....BONUS!


Teresa said...

Aren't chosen sisters just the best! Sounds like you two are a great match.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and I went to see CSN&Y in Fresno 2 summers ago. We had a hoot watching them...their concert was the longest one we've ever been to lasting nearly 3 hours!
Ryan is my geriatric concert buddy. Last fall we road tripped to Berkley to see Paul Simon, then turned around and drove home!

I know it is your birthday June 14th but I will be cruising. So have a great one!!!


Sherry said...

I love the concept chosen sisters. So much fun. Glad you have her!!

Anonymous said...

You will LOVE Chris Isaak.

I am also a quilter, and an AVID Chris Isaak fan!!

Have fun!