Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Love Compaq

My husband Greyhair says I must be living right.

Last night, I headed downstairs like I do every evening and I placed my Compaq laptop in my sewing basket, like I always do. Unfortunately, the laptop didn't sit well in the basket and......end-over-end, it tumbled down the stairs.

I'm sure you can imagine the "Oh darn!" moment...LOL.

The battery flew out as did a cover for an external network card and the hard drive hatch loosened up and I was ready to bury her. Greyhair and I held our respective breaths as I attempted to power her on.....and up she went!!!!

Today I'll backing up the few things that aren't already on my backup hard drive. Just in case.

Your tip for the day: If you have something really important on your computer, invest a little cash in a detachable hard drive and back-up, back-up, back-up. As the technician who just replaced my laptop keyboard said, "I hate the look on the faces of people whose hard drive just died when they haven't backed up, its very sad."


Feeling very lucky at La Dolce Vita today,


lotto said...

Its ok if the appearance of your blog is not good. The important thing is the topic or the content of your blog.

Lyn said...

Hello Ms Jan, thank you for the advice to back up our computer. I am new to blog and enjoy reading your site. Warmest Regards Lyn

Teresa said...

ah, a lesson learned that my hubby and I talk about all the time and don't do anything about. Thanks for reminding me about the external hard drive. Note to myself - excellent birtday gift for hubby.

Mark Lipinski said...

Like you, I would have worried about the laptop and would have been cursing a blue-streak! Oh, yeah, baby, you have no idea!

The OTHER half would have been checking for dents in the hardwood floor, chips in the railing paint or cracks in the walls and if that inspection didn't pass...then I'd be the next object hurling down the stairs -- which by the way...
you have a BEEEEEEUTIFUL staricase. One I'd be proud to be thrown down! xoxom

julia said...

oh, you're really, really lucky! When I read your story I thought this could have been me (but my story would have had a bad end, anyway).
Your staircase is beautiful - can I live on it? ;o) (just 've seen I'm not the only one who adores it, hehe)
Thanks for posting the eye candy pics of the old quilts on the newer post!
Greetings from Germany,