Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One reason for not blogging much is the demonic, time-sucking Facebook. On the other hand, thanks to said demon, I won a book from Martingale for suggesting a name for the star block on their lunchroom floor. "Martingale Star" seemed pretty obvious to me, but apparently it was a winner, so lucky me! I have all three of Judy Hopkins "Around the Block" books, but it looks like this book has even more blocks and I do love her multiple size cutting information. Thanks to Martingale!

One of my latest projects is a block of the month from ThimbleCreek, a quilt shop in Concord, CA. Those who know me, also know that I adore Halloween and have several fabulous Halloween quilts in progress. I plan to leave one for each of the kids when I can no longer enjoy them. This one is called Ichabod Hollow and was designed by Joe, one of the owners of ThimbleCreek. The applique portion is nearly done and I have the picket fence and star fabric waiting for my attentions. Next week is a quiltfest with Kathy B. and Becky in Lompoc, and I hope to make a bit of progress on this.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Having Fun With The Boys

Benjamin and Alex and their parents came by over the long weekend going to and from Crescent City to visit friends, so I got to see them twice!

On Tuesday night we went to Rosso, a local wine and pizza place and were lucky to get the family booth at the back of the restaurant. Right behind the us was a sous-chef station where a very sweet young lady making flatbreads and salads chatted with the boys nonstop. They loved watching her prep the food and had to be coerced to take a snap with Nana (can you tell?). The boys were given a lump of dough to shape as they pleased and it was returned with a cup of red sauce for dipping. As you might imagine, it was the hit of the evening.

We are back to normal now, and today our handyman will finish our mini-renovation of the master bath. We removed our 10 gazillion gallon bathtub and are tiling in the space to use for storage of wines-in-progress and a cabinet for supplies for same. According to Dan the Handyman, it costs $20 in water to fill these tubs and I'll bet we'd not used ours in 5 years. Only the boys did, and they like to shower these days. Adios tub, hello wine room!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Long Time No Blog

It seems like forever since I blogged, and it pretty much has been. Sometimes your star points just don't match up.

In January, I became President of the quilt guild and within 10 weeks, we had to put together a tri-guild luncheon for the three local quilt guilds. The learning curve has been steep, dealing with the various and sundry personalities of different members pretty much tapped out my creative energy during the first half of the year. I have my "sea legs" now and have agreed to do a second year, with hopefully fewer hassles and stress. After all, we're supposed to be there to have fun, aren't we?

I'm also looking forward to more quilting time!