Friday, September 26, 2008

Gettin' Down to the Carpals, Tarsals and Phalanges

And the metatarsals and metacarpals and let us not forget the ribs, incisors and canines. In other words, the skeleton is the last man standing as it were. I finished the embellishments on the shoe full of candy last night and did a few more ribs and metatarsals (toes).

Here's a sneak peek at the skeleton so far. I need to re-size the lower tombstone and make it a bit smaller before I can applique it down. The cauldron needs some embellishment and instead of the plain bubbles I'm using the new Clover yo-yo maker to make 3/4" yo-yos. (yes, we are missing a phalange on one foot and need to cut another)

Also on deck are some quick panel baby quilts backed in flannel for baby girls born in the San Joaquin Valley during August. Babies in that region don't need their quilts right away if born in the summer, but time is coming soon when they will. Daughter Kate's friends keep this Nana very busy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Wonderful Block

Arrived today from my friend Karrin. I now have only 2 blocks yet to arrive, but Sistah Kathy B. has informed me that her top is done with 9-inch blocks, 13 total, and that I need to do 5 more to make the top bigger. She wouldn't lie to me and has already told me that she is making one additional block, so I guess I need to get with the program, eh?

Here is a peek at all 10 blocks I have to date.

And, I got the 4th block of the Designers Mystery Block of the Month from The Fat Quarter Shop and it is now history. I also finished my SR Quilt Guild Challenge just in the nick of time for the meeting last week. The theme was "Vote 2008" and those words had to appear on the quilt. Mine was a fairly minimalist effort and done at the last minute even though I'd beeen percolating the idea ever since the challenge was announced in February. Photo tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Leave Town, Make a Quilt

We just got back from a week at Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, enjoying the fun and sun, but not the humidity. Being a lifelong Californian and living in a pretty dry climate, I didn't do too well with the heat and humidity. I did love swimming in the ocean and actually not freezing to death. Oh, and the fresh pineapple and Kona coffee. Delicious!

While I was gone, I got some more Lotto blocks from my girlfriends, and that was almost as good as sewing them myself! Sunday, my friend Sandi and I will go to the Napa Quilt Show where we will meet up with our friend Kathy B. Good Times!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I have the lattice for the lotto blocks all cut out now that the replacement fabric has arrived. Seems I, in my infinite wisdom, managed to cut the WOF pieces 9 inches instead of 9 1/2. Brilliant! Luckily, I was able to order an additional 2/3 yard online and was a bit more careful with the second go-round.

I have been embroidering on the redwork Quilter's Blessings so generously shared with everyone by Bea at Capricorn Quilts- BOM. Thanks Bea!

Here's a shot of my design wall with the Pepper Cory blocks to date, Bea's redwork, my lotto blocks and some paper pieced (from EQ6) letters.

I have a few redwork blocks prepared and the skeleton applique ready to go because on Tuesday morning we are flying to Hawaii! I doubt if I'll be blogging again before we leave, so have a nice week and I'll see you later.