Thursday, May 29, 2008

1930's Sew-A-Row Done

Two down, two to go!

I finished the 1930's Sew-A-R0w today and only have two to go before the June 5th meeting.

I added the bottom row to this one--the vintage puppies and kitten I found in an old pattern leaflet I picked up off the silent auction table at guild. I used them as the models for the embroidery on Alexander's baby quilt last year and love them so much that I just had to use them again.

In March I tried a new technique for machine applique on another Sew-A-Row and Angie suggested that I try using the basting spray that is used on quilt layers to compare efficiency, so I did. I have to say that the spray-basted parts did not "stick" as well as the ones I did using the fusible thread. In fact, they were so loose that I ended up using that Bo Nash 007 Bonding powder so I wouln't have to cut new pieces. I did have to cut a new cat because I ruined that one, so I just used Steam-a-Seam II to fuse that one.

My final opinion? I liked the method using the fusible thread in spite of its labor intensity because it left the applique shapes soft and supple and they'd have been easy to embroider over had I needed to do that. The SASII and Bo-Nash both left the pieces stiff hard to needle.

I'm really glad that Angie gave me the idea to try another method, because a quilter can never have too many ways get 'er done.


Jeanne said...

Love your addition! Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I just love the kittens and puppies and they look perfect with the butterflies. Great job!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I quilter's bag o' tricks should always be full. This row quilt is absolutely precious!

Nicole said...

That is so authentic looking! Right out of the 30's.

*Angie said...

Your Sew-a-Row is turning out so cute! Retro 30's for sure! Jan, sorry my idea for spray basting didn't work in comparison to the fusible thread you like using. I thought it would work just a well with regular applique at the sewing machine as it does when I do embroidery machine applique. Hmmmm--Maybe it works on the embroidery machine better because the fabric is kept taunt by the machine hoop.? I've used KK2000 to hold appliques before, with a few stratigic pins here and there. That Sew-a-Row is the cutest ever! Hope you win it back!

Valerie said...

I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks for sharing.