Thursday, May 08, 2008

Our New Blog

My darling husband, Greyhair and I each have a blog to discuss our primary passions, mine quilting and his politics, but we wanted another place where we could discuss our other hobbies and family.

So, we've launched La Dolce Vita, Italian for "The Sweet Life." La Dolce Vita has always been our personal way of expressing our love of the life we share.

Now, I can devote this blog pretty much to my quilting and with that, I promise a picture of my Spring Fling Round Robin tomorrow. Today I finish the applique.

Today's quilt picture is the last picture taken of my Dad in 2002 at the age of 87. I made him a quilt when he had a stroke and it was newspaper print with black and white friendship stars. I called it "Black and White and Read All Over" after the old riddle, and because Dad was a retired editor and publisher of our local newspaper. Dad passed away on May 19th, 2002 and I miss him.

Go check out our new blog--we'd love to see you there!

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Diannia said...

What a wonderful quilt for your dad and I love the picture of you and him!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Congratulations on the new Blog! Look forward to seeing the Round Robin and Jan, I really really love that quilt you made for your Dad.

That is life enhancing, a forever treasure. ...besides that I dig the blocks. Fun.

*Angie said...

That's a wonderful picture of you and your Dad with the quilt you made him. I'm a bit confused about your blogging though. Doesn't take much to that these days! grin
Are you going to be writing in both blogs? I like the name of your new together blog!

Anonymous said...

I live in Germany and I regularly read your blog. After you had written about your trip to Lancaster county, I googled the area and was fascinated: Quilt supply shops, quilt museums and quilt history! I had already planned to take couple of days of in May off, so I booked a plane ticket to Philadelphia right away. I have just come back and must say that I had a great time; lots of ideas for new quilts, plenty of fabric bought and great food. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
Andrea, Frankfurt, Germany

Irish Quilting said...

that is a lovely tribute to your dad!

susan said...

how sweet. that is funny and clever!! i miss my dad too.
i will check out the blog too