Friday, June 01, 2007


What are the odds?

A small nail, left in a pocket could bring down an entire washing machine? Said nail lodged vertically in one of the holes in the basket and then proceeded to scratch a hole in the outer bucket. (Like an old record player).

Our favorite appliance technician Brenda came for a repair visit and declared the machine crumped. More money to fix than it is worth at 8 years old.


So, yesterday afternoon we went to Asien's (Brenda's bosses) and at her suggestion and with the help of Robert the wise-acre New Yorker salesman (who we really liked), we bought a Miele front loader. While I wasn't happy at spending the money (Happy Birthday to me!), but I'm really happy to have a machine that uses about half of the water to wash considerably bigger loads than my old machine.

It will be a bit of an adjustment to not be able to add stuff once the load has started, but I'm sure I'll adjust. =)

Not only that, sans agitator, it should make a huge difference when I pre-wash my fabric and I won't have tangled masses of strings from the raveling of the fat quarters!

She won't be delivered until Tuesday afternoon, and I'll be washing all day Wednesday to get caught up!

Beats heck out of a washboard!!


Patti said...

Our front loader has a "pause" button that will stop the cycle and unlock the door, allowing me to add something. Are you sure yours won't have a feature like that?

I love my front loader, and I do think it makes a difference when pretreating fabrics. One down side - I can't do overdying in it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, you got yourself the Mercedes of washing machines as we call Miele washers here in Germany. My moms Miele lived to the age of 30 ( !) with 3 kids in the house and of course I got one, too! It`s hooked up to our solar panels. Miele by the way also makes driers that use natural gas for heating , are 35 % faster and use only a third of the energy of an electrical drier.