Friday, June 01, 2007

It Was Forty Years Ago Today

Sargeant Pepper taught the band to play.

What a fabulous album. What great memories.

In a serendipitous turn, tonight we are going to see Lindsey Buckingham in concert.

Many might say, "Who in the world is Lindsey Buckingham?" Well, he would be the man who was the soul and backbone of the rock group Fleetwood Mac. I remember well listening to their 1977 album Rumours, with its songs of broken hearts, relationships and dreams, pretty much ignorant of exactly what they were singing about.

Thirty years ago I was almost 25 years old, married 5 years to my first love and hoping to get pregnant soon (I did in July of that year). I had no idea what a broken heart was all about and no idea that in four short years and two babies later that I'd be on the receiving end of same. I've felt their pain. More than once.

I've said before that our favorite music is the soundtrack of our personal biographies and I still believe that. I love the music of my biography. I love rock and roll music. I love live music.

Tonight will be great.


paula, the quilter said...

On the way to Denver-town today, I tuned in to a radio station that was playing Sj. Pepper and interviews with people like David Crosby and Micky Dolan who were some of the first people to hear the tracks before they were released.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful time, I also wore out my "Rumours" album way back when...


Susan said...

Hmm. I happen to have all the Beatles albums on CD. Know anything about that? =) They are traveling with me.