Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Can't Be 55!!!

But, it beats hell out of the alternative! Fifty five is, like, closer to 60 than 50 from this day forth!

I told the history of the whole darned event last year, so I won't repeat all that.

At left is my 2nd birthday in 1954.

Below at left is my 8th birthday in 1960.

Below at right is my 10th birthday in 1962 at Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, CA. Since we got to have an actual party with friends every other year, I believe that this was my last birthday party. In 1964, when I turned 12, I was just out of 6th grade and getting ready for Junior High. My older sister had just married a month before at age 17 and was four months pregnant. My mother was not exactly in a partying spirit, spending many a summer night on the backyard lounge by the pool, smoking and weeping, but that's a whole 'nother story altogether. =)

Others in the picture are, left to right: Jo, my little sister, Diana, Kenda and Becky.

Today is a pretty quiet day. Hubby took me to breakfast and we are going to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. I have a huge chicken in the crock pot so I can make a huge pan of chicken enchiladas for tomorrow night when my boys Benjamin and Alex (and their parents) come to help me extend the celebration!!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute photos! They look so..... vintage :-)))Have a wonderful dinner tonight.
Love from yer sistah,

Diane said...

Happy Birthday, Jan! (So, where ARE you going to dinner?!)

Nancy said...

Have a happy, happy, happy, dear sistah!

Susan said...

Happy birthday! Age is not what's important. It's what you do while you are aging that counts. =) Hope you have a great day!

Su Bee said...

Happy Birthday! My new baby grandson shares the day; must be a good omen, I think!

CarmiƱa said...

and Happy, happy Birthday Jan

Tazzie said...

Happy Birthday Jan! I look forward to sharing many more with you!