Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday Goodness

We call each other "Sistah" because we feel that close.

We do fun quilty things together, we sew, we chat, we kvetch, we solve the problems of the world. I'm sure most of you have a friend with whom you formed an almost immediate bond. I feel especially lucky to have more than one of these special people.

Two of my Sistahs sent me wonderful birthday goodness and I was completely surprised by both!!

At right, Sistah Kathy sent me this wonderful Judy Rothermel book. I think she saw me salivating on it at Road to California in January and took pity on me. She also sent me these lovely half yard pieces of Civil War fabrics. I'm planning on making the cover quilt. Wonderful! I met Kathy via the "InterQuilt" group online when I got my first computer in 1996. We met in person at a get-together and have been good buddies ever since then. We get together whenever possible and she is an adopted Mom to my dogs Gator and Ace.

I met Becky not long after my move to Santa Rosa in 2003 at the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild. We joined at about the same time and it was friend at first sight. When we were approached to be on the Hospitality Committee for the next year, my recollection is that Becky kind of looked at me and said "Lets DO IT," and so we did. We had a great year of good fun and then she moved to Lompoc. Waaah. Thankfully, she still has a daughter, in-laws and her mom in the area, so she has to come back from time-to-time. Becky sent me this splendiferous half yard of forties fabric and a lovely Jelly Roll (my first!) from the Holly Jolly line. I already have a pattern picked out for it and just need to order from the Fat Quarter shop--a very dangerous place, especially if you are a lover of Moda fabrics like me.

On the sewing front, I have all of my Labor Day Madness blocks finished and have only to either assemble the leftover pieces into windmill blocks or more Labor Day Madness blocks that spin the other way. I'm trying to figure out if I want to keep this quilt or donate to American Hero and that will determine how big to make it (or them).

Am I lucky or what??? As if their friendship weren't enough.....

So, thanks to my're the greatest!!


Anonymous said...

The pattern you picked for the Jelly Roll is too cute! I thought of you when I saw those clear, bright colors :-)

Love from your sistah, Becky

Su Bee said...

Ahhhhh -- nothin' better than sistahs!
Be careful in the Fat Quarter Shop; don't hurt yourself! (hee hee)