Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sew A Rows

In addition to being the chairperson of this years' Sew-A-Row program, I seem to be signed up to work on nearly all of them....well, not really, but I have three for this rotation which is May 1st to July 1st.

Amazingly, I've finished up the one at left and already passed it on to the next participant. Lynn started this one with the top row and Earlene did the second row.

My row is the whirligig on the bottom and I'm not sure if I like the secondary pattern formed by the white where the blocks come together. I'm thinking maybe I should have made the blocks smaller and put sashing between them.

This Sew-A-Row below was started by Phyllis and also worked on by Carolyn. My row is the bottom one, Martha Washington Stars. As soon as I got this one from Carolyn, I knew I needed to use brights and pull out the colors from the background. The background is a black with micro-dots in bright, clear colors. I contacted Phyllis, but she didn't have any more fabric, so when the Snooze-You-Losers went on our road trip several weeks ago, I looked in all of the stores we visited for this fabric and Oh Lucky Day--I found it in Talmadge, just outside Ukiah. I snapped up 2 yards and came home to start sewing.

Two of three are done! The final one is an ultra-mini started by Betty with 2 1/4 inch log cabin blocks set on point (4 of them) surrounded by half square triangles that are about 3/4 inch! Yikes! I'm going to do 4 fan blocks also set on point and and maybe a border of flying geese.

You can come visit me at the funny farm any time.....


floribunda said...

I love those projects, Jan! My on-line group is just starting another row robin and I've figured out what my row will be but haven't started yet. I think it's a lot of fun coming up with designs for the "next row". also -- I read Julie & Julia last year -- loved it!

Finn said...

Hi Jan, thank you so much for stopping over and reading what I had to say today at Pieces...*VBS* Always nice to see a new face, if you have been there before, I apologize, some days I 'see' better than others.
You have a really neat blog! I read down through April, love the pizza posts...LOL.
Great job with the quilts for service men, I'll be back and link to those sites so I can bookmark them. I'm also curious about your bread recipes.
Trip down memory lane for me, seeing the Mountain Artisans book. I actually found that one about a year ago, at a ridiculous price, just pennies, really. I love the art work as well as identifing with that era.
I look forward to seeing what else you will be working on. Hugs, Finn

Nadine said...

Hi, Jan ! I just came to know your blog through May Britt ("Abyquilt"), and I'm sooo pleased getting to know you ! Your blog is so cheerful, full of bright quilty ideas (you're very talented!), and with a happy family feeling ! I'll certainly come back very often, and will immediately put your name on my list !
Hugs & smiles from Belgium !

JoAnna said...

Your rows are fabulous. I love working on those types of projects because you get to try new things without having to commit to a whole project.

Can't wait to see the 3rd one!

Susan said...

Those are great! I think if you had used sashing on the top one, it would have broken up the feeling of movement. That space will give the quilter something to do. =)

jovaliquilts said...

Jan, the row quilts are wonderful! Is there someplace with suggestions about how to set up such a project? I'd like to start one with my group that does Linus quilts.
Love your blog, saw you were on Q4P, and that inspired me to join!

Mary said...

These are cute - I've always wanted to do a row quilt - maybe one of these days I'll get around to it!