Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bitten by the Doll Quilt Swap Bug

In my trolling of Blogland, I came across the Doll Quilt Swap blog and since they are having signups for a new round, I thought I ought to jump in.

Of course, I need a new project like I need a hole in the head, but I just couldn't resist swapping with some other bloggers, and a doll quilt seemed like the perfect choice.

I'll receive my assignment on June 20th and have until July 18th to deliver, so it shouldn't be too tough.


I'll be finishing a quickie quilt tonight for the dog's groomer who is expecting her first baby, a boy, in a couple of weeks. I'll post a picture tomorrow and deliver the quilt next week.


Susan said...

That will be fun. Do you make just one to swap, and get one from someone else?

Anonymous said...

Hey, a good excuse to use some of your CW fabrics :-)

Kathy B

Anonymous said...

Are they really as itty-bitty as they look? That'll be a challenge...


Samantha said...

I signed up for that one too- the first round was so stunningly gorgeous!

Nicole said...

I've been having fun reading your blog! Good luck with the Doll Quilt Swap.

Tazzie said...

Such a cute book, I love the picture on the cover. You'll have fun making little quilts, they finish up so quickly!

Kim said...

I belong to a Jo's Little Women Club at my LQS, and it's so much fun making small quilts! Almost instant gratification; somewhere we rarely get to experience with this hobby of ours! LOL! I'm sure this swap will be fun!

Lucy said...

Have you seen her other book?Prarie children and their quilts.

That one is awesome too!!
Doll quilts are fun to make hè :-)