Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yes, I Am Sewing

I'm finally sewing a bit and last night while watching a bit of television, I finished work on another block of the Halloween BOM. While at Quilt Festival I got to meet the designer, Verna Mosquera, and had fun chatting with her about how much I loved the quilt. When I told her about being behind on the skeleton she told me to use wool, but I'm too far into it to change now.
This block (three blocks actually) worked up more quickly than you might imagine. I made the spiderweb as I would have if I'd been doing reverse applique. All of the rings were marked on the same fabric and I cut away each line as I appliqued it down, and then I placed the center and "arms" over the top and appliqued it down.

All I have left is a shoe full of candy and a Jack-O-Lanter and of course, the rest of the skeleton. I had to unstitch an ulna, femur and hip socket last night because I'd placed them a bit wonky and if allowed to stay, the poor dude would have had rather stretched ankles and wrists. Bad enough to be a skeleton, one needn't be deformed!

Also, today I was able to make a pillowcase for my daughter's brother-in-law and got Benjamin and Alexander's names ironed down (and Benjamin's appliqued) for their Christmas quilts. FINALLY, some progress.


Nancy said...

Golly, woman, you're productive! I'm still slogging back into real life from vacation mode.

n, np

Teresa said...

Cute appliques - so when do we get to see the quilt?

Jeanne said...

Those Halloween blocks are really cute. The bats even look friendly. *s* Looking forward to seeing the quilt.

VerrySherry said...

lookign forward to the finished Halloween artwork!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well done... you inspire me.