Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Lotto Block Arrives!

Every month, my online group of longtime friends the Fat Quarters has a lotto for those who wish to participate. We used operate more like a real lotto, having the prior month's winner send out fabric to everyone and then draw lots for a new winner. Last year, we decided to change things a bit and work it like another swap we all used to do, the Favorite Fabric Swap. In the FF swap, each member would send out her favorite fabric and the others would make a specific block they'd signed up for at the beginning. Blending the best of both worlds, each member signs up for a month and on her month she sends fabric and pattern to the others, with or without go-withs depending on what she wants.

August is my month and I opted to send out sampler blocks using Marsha McKloskey's Block Party and Judie Rothermel's Civil War Classics line. The fabrics were offered as an online Block of the Month, but since my friend Kathy gave me fat eighths of the entire line, I opted to buy a finishing kit and do the rest on my own. Kathy joined me in this project and her quilt is nearly done.

My first block arrived today from my friend Nancy, Near Philadelphia and she did a bang-up job, as I knew she would. Nancy also sent me a wonderful quilt kit from the aforementioned Fat Quarter Shop in lieu of a Pirate's Booty Swap quilt back when her Joe was sick --in spite of being told not-to-worry, but she didn't have her listening ears on. Nancy knows how I feel about Halloween and Sandy Gervais fabrics. Sweet.

On the topic of Halloween, I'm one block closer to finishing the Verna Mosquera BOM. Mr. Jack O'Lantern has joined the others in the finished box. Now the boot full of candy and yes, the skeleton.

You can run, but you can't hide!


Teresa said...

What a happy fellow Mr. Jack O'Lantern is. Block swaps are always fun and I do like the fabrics you have chosen.It will be interesting to see what comes back to you.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh my my my I love that block. How pretty and inspring.