Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another Friendship Block

This is for Kathy H. in my quilt guild and I'll be handing it off to her on Thursday. Kathy is the organizer of our block of the month this year and the girl loves star blocks, so she themed her blocks "Oh My Stars!" and asked for star blocks on dark backgrounds from 4" to 12" finished.

I went to my go-to book for star blocks and swap blocks in general-- Judy Martin's Knockout Blocks and Sampler Quilts--for this block, named Fiery Star.

I love Judy's books and have gone so far as to purchase some out-of-print titles from Ebay and Half.com. This book is my absolute favorite and I go to it again and again and again. She has a ton of star blocks in all sizes and a gazillion layouts for them that you can mix and match.

I used it to design the memorial quilt we made for our guild member Norma when she lost her son in Iraq.

As I said, a go-to book.


Quilt Pixie said...

love the star block -- the sawtooth trangles through the centre are great fun, and add a wonderful complexity to a "simple" block :-).

I'm not one for picking up pattern books -- figure I can find most everything I have to have on line, and truthfully have never been one for following patterns, but some of the blocks on the cover of the book make me re-think that approach...

Teresa said...

Dynamic looking block with vibrant colors.

Nancy said...

This is a stunning block. And I like that book very much, too.

n, np

~Angie said...

I like the saw-tooth shadow effect through the center of the block Jan. I'm sure Kathy will love it! Your so good at picking colors!

Lyn said...

Hi Ms Jan, I love the Knockout Blocks and Samplet Quilts book. I could do with a copy now, as I am stumped for an idea on a quilt I need to make for a friend. Warmest Regards Lyn