Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gone Quiltin'

I'm not slackin' again, I'm actually being quite productive with my pal Becky in Lompoc. Greyhair and I traveled south and stayed Saturday in Cayucos, CA, a tiny beach town where both of our families spent summer vacations and where my parents and tow sisters eventually retired. I'd been shunned from a family wedding in Visalia (long story), so I decided to go visit my old home-away-from-home while the "cats were away."

Greyhair dropped me off with Becky on Monday and we've been sewing and chatting up a storm. I'm working on the applique technique using fusible thread and have discovered a new trick which I will share as a tutorial next week when I get back.

We pick Kathy B. up in Santa Barbara tomorrow and then its down to Long Beach for the first International Quilt Festival on the west coast. Festival starts Friday and we have a class on Saturday, so on Thursday we thought we might see the Queen Mary or do something else touristy.

Are we excited? You betcha!


Adriel said...

Wow... summer vacations. It's the time for me to have lots of fun & also to decide a long holiday trip.

Karrin Hurd said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I just awarded you "Brillante Weblog Award".