Sunday, March 11, 2007

Caesar's Quilt

We were finally able to present the memorial quilt to Norma and Dennis at the last guild meeting. It turned out very well and they seemed to like it.

I'm still plugging away on the robot quilt and have just six of the 12 inch blocks to quilt with rocket ships left to quilt, then the border. I'm determined to get it done withing the week, so stay tuned.


Nancy said...

It is stunning. Just stunning.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were finally able to give it to them - it's beautiful, and such a loving tribute.

Sistah Becky

Anne said...

That is a wonderful quilt! And I'm sure they will treasure it!

Susan said...

I see you did get the banner up. =)

I look forward to seeing the quilty rockets.

floribunda said...

I'm jealous of your banner -- I tried and it sorta bombed, so I decided to wait until I was in a really good frame of mind to try again! I can't remember which template you had before... did you have to go back to a really plain one?

Aunt Jenny said...

absolutely gorgeous!! What a perfect quilt!!!
I loved reading your blog today too!!!