Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Roasting in Fresno

I'm not really slacking, I'm just visiting with daughter Kate and the grand-boys Benjamin and Alex in hotter-than-hot Fresno. We were scheduled to go to UC Irvine for a second laser treatment on Benjamin's facial hemangioma, but he got a little bit of a cold, so we had to stay home and play with Legos. Back home and quilting tomorrow.


Diannia said...

Hi! I live in Fresno...let me know if you want to hook up and quilt! I'm free from 3:30 to 6:30 tonight (choir pract at 7:00)...p.s. I'm not a crazy quilt lady stalker but I do love to talk quilt talk!

Lyn said...

Hi Jan, I hope all goes well with Benjamin. I sent an email to you but it has been returned.It related to your book Knockout blocks and Sampler Quilt.Talk too you soon.Warmest Regards Lyn PS It has been three degrees overnight where I live and bitterly cold.I think I would prefer to be roasting in Fresno

VerrySherry said...

Oh you're a great grandmother. Wish we all had gems like you for the hard days when our children face stressful times.