Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Pizza

Friday night was pizza night #2 and I used Beth's dough recipe, a cold-rise dough that is made with ice water and chilled flour.

I've done a bit of cool-rise bread, but not with like this! The mixed dough was left in the 'fridge for 6 hours and removed about an hour before baking time. The dough was wonderfully complex and we liked this better than the last batch.

Toppings this time were some leftover ham I dug from the depths of the freezer, olive oil with a half dozen cloves of minced garlic simmered in it, mozzarella, homemade Parmesan cheese (we call it Sonomesan since true parmesan can only be made in Parma, Italy), cremini mushrooms, fresh sage and oregano and thinly sliced leeks and garlic stuffed olives. Wonderful!!

Saturday, my friend Kathy came over from Woodland and we visited the grand opening of Quilted Vine and did a little shopping. That afternoon, we sewed a bit and had hubby cook dinner for us. A little wine, a little music DVD on TV (Moody Blues and Sheryl Crow) and then we all toddled off to bed. A great evening with two of my favorite people.

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