Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yet Another Sew A Row

I just finished adding a row to this one courtesy of Phyllis. She brought it to a fifth Thursday sewing retreat (whenver there is a 5th Thursday in a month, we get together and make items to sell in the boutique as a fund-raiser), homeless and needing a fifth row.

She implored someone to take it, looking straight at me, knowing I'm a sucker. So, I took it and thanks to the previous seamstresses, all I had to do was put together the precut rows of squares and add them on.

If only they were all that easy!

None of the applique has been stitched down, so this one will only work as a wallhanging and is not my style. A virtual guarantee that I'll win when the drawing comes along in December.

Meanwhile, tommorw is P.I.Q.F. day!!!

I'll meet up with Sistah Kathy B. at 3-ish and toddle down to Sunnyvale where we will hook up with our Sistah Becky from Lompoc. For 2 days and nights we will sew, dish, shop, nosh and ogle the beautiful quilts to our hearts' content. We are hoping to hook up with some of our online friends from Fat Quarters (to non quilters: not a body part) like Susan, Fran, Ray, Donna, Karrin, Molly and whoever else is around. Can't wait!!!!


floribunda said...

I'll look for you at PIQF, Ms. Jan! Do you still look like the photo posted on your blog?
Julie (Oakland)

Anonymous said...

I know this is quilter's blasphemy, but Sunbonnet Sue - ICK!!!

I hope you DON'T win :-))

Kathy B

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Wish I could join y'all at PIQF ....

Elaine Adair said...

What a lovely little quilt -- so soft and gentle.