Monday, October 23, 2006

A Visit With Mr. B.

I just got home from a visit with my favorite 20 month old, my grandson Mr. B (aka Benjamin). I took Amtrak to Fresno on Amtrak last Tuesday. Our plan was to make his Halloween costume as we did last year, but his Mommy, who is 14 weeks pregnant with his sibling, decided that she'd rather have Nana helping with the B-Boy than tied to a sewing machine, so that is what we did.

Mr. B, at right, is one very busy guy, and like the picture on the right, is seldom seen with a clean face.

On Wednesday, the weather was gorgeous so he and I spent a couple of hours out in the backyard while Mommy napped. As you can see, he worked on many important things like digging in the flowerbeds, chasing the kitty, Dinah, also known as "D," stripping flowers from the lantana, and just hanging out. Of course, all that activity made him very, veryhungry so Mommy fixed a noodle cup for him and I laughed myself silly watching them see who could eat them faster. (I think he won! ) His Mom wanted to make sure that he didn't wake up at 03:30 a.m. asking for cereal again that night!

On Thursday, we did pumpkin carving, or at least tried to do it. Mr. B. wasn't quite sure what to do with the pumpkin innards, but he was also pretty sure he didn't want to be the one to touch the ooey gooey punkin guts, so he decided to

do it!


Karrin Hurd said...

He's precious Jan, and looks like a character!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

A glorious visit! And what a sweetheart he is . . . .

Susan said...

What a fun time it looks like you had. I envy you being able to go on Amtrak. The seats are so much more comfortable than the airplane seats, I hear!