Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pacific International Quilt Festival

P.I.Q.F. is always like old home week.

When we got our first PC, back in 1994, I searched out online quilting groups because I worked full time and the local guild was a day group (Visalia-Tulare, CA). I found a group called InterQuilt, based out of New York and promptly joined. Through this group, I discovered a number of Californians and a year or so later, we had a get together called a SNIQGT for Sierra Nevada InterQuilt Get Together. I met a bunch of great gals, some who have become friends for life.

The first picture is my pal Becky, the only one you'll see today that I met in real life first. Becky and I joined the Santa Rosa guild at the same time and became instant pals. She's pictured above in green. I'm next to her. In front is my Sistah (as opposed to Sister) Kathy B. from Woodland who I met at that first get together and Molly from Sacto, also at the first GT. We didn't expect to see Molly at PIQF, it was just a lucky accident that she happened to be having coffee and we walked by. Lucky day!

Once inside the show, we were taking our first break and who should we see but Marilyn K. from Novato and her hubby Ralph! We last saw Marilyn five years ago in a rather uncomfortable situation caused by a former mutual friend, one of those kind of people who leaves dead bodies behind in their relationships. Kathy and I made amends to Marilyn, something that had been on our minds for a very long time and Marilyn graciously accepted our apologies. We look forward to more get togethers with she and her sister Christine in the future!

For lunch that day, we hooked up with Susan (aka Desert Sky), our favorite former long arm quilter who now travels the U.S. with her hubby Paul in their 5th wheel trailer. Susan is on the left and pictured with Fran from Chatsworth, her very bestest friend. Kathy and I have been having mini-GT's with them since our first trip to Sisters in 2000. It is always good to see them!

Finally, that evening (was this a busy day, or what?), we met Ray and Donna for dinner. At left, from left to right, Donna, Becky, Kathy, Ray and Jan. We've known Ray for years through IQ and then Fat Quarters and Donna is Ray's buddy and now ours.

I am so lucky to have met so many wonderful women through a hobby that is my (almost) lifelong passion. Does it get any better than this? I almost forgot, PIQF had tons of great vendors and beautiful quilts. Lots of artsy quilts, and while I am more of a traditionalist myself, I always love eye candy!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I always am glad when there are pictures of people of my virtual friends. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've seen Ray! Thanks, Sistah.

floribunda said...

I managed to hook up with a couple of internet friends at PIQF, too -- what a treat! I'll look for you there next year

Susan said...

What a day of reunions for you two! Nice job on getting pictures of everyone. Fran and I went on to Sacramento and met Karrin Hurd the next day - had a great chat over dinner at Outback! Then I got on the freeway going the wrong way, and rather than turn around, we decided to go to Reno. What fun! And we went home via Yosemite.

Fran Regos said...

It sure was great seeing you and Kathy and Molly and "doing lunch"!
There's nothing quite as good as quilting friendships!

Tazzie said...

Ohhh my goodness Jan, I can't believe you know Marilyn - what a small world it is! I spent time with Marilyn in Paducah in May, she is friends with my friend Linda from San Jose ... I love Marilyn, she's just a gorgeous person!