Friday, October 27, 2006

Adios Neighbors

My hubby Greyhair says it so well, better than I ever could because I'd cry if I tried. Karen was a new member of the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild when I joined in 2003, but didn't rejoin after 2004. I figured it just wasn't her gig. So sad.


Anonymous said...

That is the saddest story! But what a great love they had for each other. I wish them eternal comfort and peace.

Kathy B

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, geez. This is heartbreaking. And so well written.

Susan said...

Oh, Jan, that is so sad! Your husband wrote about it well, but it is *so* sad. Last week, friends of mine lost a 7th grade friend who did the same thing. Both ends of the spectrum. There ought to be another solution. =(