Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yeah, That's Me

Yep. Guilty.

It has been six weeks since my last blog post. Blame Facebook. Blame live music. Blame family and friends. I've been busy.

I've taken quite a few pictures intending to post them, but I'm a slacker.

Reformation is coming.......tomorrow........I promise.


Juliann said...

too funny!
I will visit again tomorrow - but be sure to be kind to yourself - it is supposed to be fun.

quiltmom said...

If you are having a good time- you need not apologize for it- we will always be glad to see you back in blog land but I am with Juliann - blogging is suppose to be be kind to yourself..

Nancy said...

Well, it's about TIME!

Jeanne said...

You aren't alone! There are quite a few of us who haven't been exactly making regular postings this summer. VBG What a great find at your guild auction!