Thursday, August 06, 2009

More From the Magic Box

One of the real treasures in the box was a catalog of quilt patterns available by mail order. I've only begun to examine this lovely little book, but a cursory exam revealed something peculiar and terrifying...... and that would be a pattern for an appliqued rat. A RAT. I ask you, who, in their right mind would applique a rat on a quilt? (Insert ex-husband jokes here.....)

Some possible quilt themes:

  • A quilt for the 650th anniversary of the black death
  • Sinking sailboats with rats deserting same
  • Delightful addition to childs ABC quilt
  • "Friendship" block for the guild troublemaker
  • Sofa pillow for the kitty

I can't even think about it because I hate rodents so much.

How would you use a rat block?


Nancy said...

LOL. I'm partial to the black death anniversity quilt but Joe likes the sofa pillow idea....

Tazzie said...

I don't think I could applique a rat under any circumstances - they give me the heebie-jeebies.
Love some of those other pieced blocks in there though - what a treasure trove that box turned out to be.

Amy said...

He could be used for Tucker the rat in "A Cricket in Times Square" quilt! It's a great read aloud for the grandsons! (Can you do a New York accent? Tucker definitely has one...)

Juliann said...

I agree about the rodents thing - but still, what a treasure this box has become. Like Mary Poppins purse - very cool.

JRZ Jenn said...

Rats aren't my thing, could I turn it into a mouse instead? But I do like the quirky idea of the black death..