Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Some Things Done!

I just got a quilt back from my friend and long arm quilter Kat McCarty, proprietress of A Thread Runs Through It, but I don't want to reveal it. It is a wedding quilt for Scott and Erin.

Yesterday, I finished two, count them, two tops!

We had a sewfest at our Snooze You Lose mini-group and while sitting next to my friend Angie, I got the rest of my Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt together. I love this top so much that I'm thinking that I'll sign up for the 2009 version.

And, I got the dreaded scalloped border on my Verna Mosquera Happy Hauntings BOM finished! WooHoooooooo! I'm going to have this quilt basted by a long armer so I can take my sweet time and hand quilt it. I used Darlene Zimmerman's EZ Scallop tool and her instructions from The Quilter's Edge for appliqeing scalloped borders. I wasn't thrilled with Verna's scallops and I was shorted a bit on the inner border fabric, so I opted for the shallower and wider scallops using Darlene's method. I'm thinking that I may mirror the scallops for the outer edge, too. I'm loving this quilt!!!


Nancy said...

I, as well, am dangerously close to signing up for the next one, despite all my trials with this one! Some people do not learn . . . . Yours looks GREAT

Anonymous said...

Great flimsies!!! Love seeing the Halloween quilt with the border on it.

Kathy B

Tazzie said...

Such lovely eye candy Jan, I love love love the Halloween quilt, makes me wish we celebrate the holiday here.

Melissa said...

That Halloween quilt is adorable!

The Calico Cat said...

Love how your halloween quilt turned out!

Angie said...

It was fun getting together and chatting Jan! Been way too long! Both of your quilts are wonderful! It's so neat to see your Happy Haunting finished! What a treasure! One of those challenging special quilts. Hope to see you again real soon!

Jackie said...

Your Halloween quilt is just cute, cute, cute! I love your BOM too. Can't wait to see them bot finished.

Scalloped borders - scary!

Jeanne said...

I love that Halloween quilt! You did work with the scallop borders, too.