Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Quilts For My Boys

Unlike their mother, who had to wait 18 years for her Christmas quilt to be finished, my little boys will have their Christmas quilts tomorrow.

My "Sistah" Becky started it all by giving me a Sandy Gervais "Holly Jolly" Jelly Roll for my birthday last year. As I was trolling that very dangerous website The Fat Quarter Shop, I saw this pattern, so I ordered it and another Jelly Roll and was off to the races. Last January at Becky's winter sewing retreat, I got all the blocks made and during the ensuing months, I did the applique of the boy's names and put the tops together. I did modify the original pattern by deleting the top row and adding their names. I also made matching pillowcases with their names for use during the holidays and then for storage of the quilts in the off season.

I bought backing in LA at Quilt Festival and gave all to Becky over the summer and she quilted them up on her HQ16 and got them back to me at PIQF. Now they are bound and will be dropped off by the UPS guy tomorrow.

I also included in the package, a little something for Mommy, a tiny quilt made in the Snooze-You-Lose Mini-Group. The stockings are fabrics I saved from Kate's original Christmas quilt started in 1979. This mini-quilt is cool because it sits over a plastic 8 x 10 self-standing frames and can be removed for other seasonal quiltlets. This picture is Kate "helping" me quilt it in 1980. No wonder I didn't get it finished until 1997!!


Nancy said...

Christmas quilts for the kids is a stellar idea. I might be able to pull that off for next year!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

There's so much fun and goodness in this post. First off I giggled about hittin' the FQShop. Isn't that place just dastardly! hee. Then I have to say how much I love the quilts for the boys but I really wanted to comment on your fine choice of binding. Loved that! Still more stuff? Yes, I have to comment on the cuteamous little stockings and then there's you treating us with YOU in 1980. Beautiful with bright eyes and the truest smile.

Again, a great post.

Anonymous said...

These both turned out sooo cute! The mini stocking quilt is fun, too.
Love the photo of you and Kate. Time does fly, doesn't it?
Kathy B

Diane said...

What cute quilts! And very impressive that you've whipped out TWO and weeks before Christmas, even! I love them. (Gotta go dig out those jelly rolls...)

Lucky boys!

Nicole said...

That is a terrific idea to make Christmas quilts for the boys. My kids would have loved that! Now I have a family Christmas quilt that I pass around to have someone different sleep under on Christmas Eve. Then they get to sign the back!