Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Did--Did You?

Today is Super Tuesday and 24 states, including a couple of "Big Dogs" like California, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York. Its too bad that some of the "Little Dogs" knocked out my favorite candidate, John Edwards.

No matter which candidate wins, the Democratic Party nominee for 2008 is going to rock the good-old-boy political traditions of this country and it is really great to be a part of that momentous change.


Anonymous said...

Although I have voted many times, I still get a surge of emotion every time. This country has many problems, but we still have the opportunity to cast our vote. Rock on!!!!

Kathy B

Su Bee said...

Oh my gosh Jan - I was saying the exact same thing today -- and aren't we lucky not only to see it, but be a part of it? We always knew our generation was going to rock the world!

Katie said...

As I heard a Republican say today, "It is a great day for all Americans even if I don't support either of the candidates." Gratitudes to all the women and people of color on whose shoulders we all stand today.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Right On!!!