Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Few Christmas Snapshots

Rub-A-Dub Dub
Three Men in a Tub.

Alex, Benjamin and Arjuna having some splashy fun in Nana and Pop's big bathtub.

Benjamin and the Radio Flyer Spring Horse he named Fred, a gift from Aunties Sarah and Kristin. There is always one hit gift every year and I think this was it for 2007. A great toy that will be enjoyed by the boys for years and years to come. I think Benj's face says it all.


Anonymous said...

Jan, I'm glad to know they still make the bouncy horses in the large gity-up-ride'm size. Our kids, and grandkids all had one. It was rode many a mile! Benjamin will enjoy it for years. What a great Christmas.

Angie in S.Rosa

CresceNet said...

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Su Bee said...

What a cute pile of kids in a tub! My grands have a spring horse that belonged my kids, it's making the rounds. It's vbeen re-sprung and re-painted and it is a well loved little pony. Isn't it amazing how violently they get going? Those kidlets fly on those horses!