Friday, December 21, 2007

Ms. Santa Goes Green

I pledged to stash-bust, but made a bit of an exception yesterday and picked up some sale Christmas fabric. Why, you ask?

Well, to make reusable fabric bags for gifts I'm giving the kids. On the left, you see the remnants of the Christmas wrap I've been using for the last 5 years. These must have been gigantic rolls and I'm still using them for the kids. shown are the fabrics I bought at 35% off to make gift bags for this and next year. The plaid will likely get made into napkins because it has such a nice hand.
Here are the gift bags all filled up!

Every year, we give our grown kids a useful gift (almost always for the kitchen) and a check to help them pay bills, take a vacation, etc. This year we are giving them ?????? (I'll show you after they are opened).

I plan to repossess the bags to use again next year and even the ribbon is recyclable--wired ribbon purchased at 60% off at JoAnn's today.

I'm so happy that I actually did this instead of just thinking about it!

Finally, I decorated a towel for each of the little boys to use after they splash around in the big bathtub. It is a fast and easy gift for kids, just take a purchased towel, wash it and cut strips of width of fabric to sew over the woven strip on each end. Fat quarters don't work so well because they have to be pieced to be long enough. Simply sew the strip down, turn the ends. Simple, simple, simple. I've done a few for Benjamin, and these will be to leave at Nana's house so they can use them every time they visit.

The hordes descend tomorrow, so I'm off to cook.

I hope your shopping is done and your heart is full,


Quilt Pixie said...

love the personalization of the towels... a great idea :-)

Angie said...

I love your gift bags! I'm trying to go greener too, but haven't made up any bags yet, altho every time I see one I think I just have to do that!! :D Great job!