Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm SEW Lucky!

We had the drawing for Sew-A-Rows today at our Holiday Luncheon and I am happy, happy, happy!!

I won the color study on black that Phyllis started, and if that wasn't enough, I also won the 1930's Mini that Betty started.

How lucky can you get?

Not only that, a couple of members presented me with some very precious vintage pieces. I'll photograph them tomorrow in the daylight and post then.

Many more starter rows were also submitted and I think the drawing today encouraged folks to submit more starter rows by our first meeting in January.
One gal, Susan, won four of the five tops she worked on!

After all the excitement, I got to sit and chat with some of the gals who've been sitting at the same table with me since I joined the guild in 2003. We had such a great time chatting--are there any people better than quilters to hang out with?

Dancing and happy in Santa Rosa,


Susan said...

You were lucky, winning two, and they are such different styles. Nope, nothing better than quilters.

Anonymous said...

How lucky was that? I don't think I saw the black one before now - I really like it.

I still miss my guild friends - the Santa Rosa Guild is special :-)


Su Bee said...

Whoo-hooo! How cool is that? What a super day for you - what a thrill!
PS - if you ever have a falling out with that adorable little 30's piece, Id volunteer to get it out of your hair........

Finn said...

Wow Ms are ONE LUCKY LADY!! Not just one...but more! They are wonderful pieces *VBS*
It's a fun idea....I'm not much of a joiner, but for that....? maybe *G*
That's one happy 'happy' dance you're doing there...Hugs, Finn

Nancy said...

Oh, WOW, GF! How wunnderful!

Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky girl! Batiks AND
30's, how cool is that!

Kathy B