Monday, October 01, 2007

YOU Make Me Smile.....

Too sweet.

Su from Pieces of Time tagged me for this and it made me smile.

M: mellow
S: smartass
J: joyous
A: ambidextrous
N: nurturing

Perhaps more than anyone wants or needs to know!

I'll tag Tonya (Lazy Gal), Finn (Pieces From My Scrapbag), and Nancy(Blogging, Near Philadelphia, since these ladies are my daily reads and I look forward to whatever they have to say.

It was a great and quilty day at my house. I finished quilting the Linda Ballard mystery for Kate's friend Gia's new baby girl AND my Four Seasons Quilt Swap piece arrived. It is drop dead gorgeous and I'll be posting a picture tomorrow.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

thanks for thinking of me, Jan, but I have to admit, memes aren't my thing. I'm envious of your ambidexterity!

Finn said...

Hi Ms Jan...thanks for the tagging...LOL. I've done that one once, but you know, I was sooo tempted to use more than one word, I may just do it again...for you..*VBS*!
Love your "S" answer...LOL
And absolutely LOVE your Four Season Swap quilt...the leaves really add alot, and it sounds like a clever trick to know. I'll have to think about that one. Might just be the perfect touch on something Christmas-y!
Hope life is treating you well, Big hugs, Finn

Su Bee said...

LOL -- wish I'd thought of the "S" answer! Definately makes me smile!

Julie aka "Quilt Diva" said...

Congratulations on your award... love your meme!