Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Smell my feet.
Give me something good to eat!

I present daughter Kate on her first Halloween in 1978. No offense meant to her present self, but Kate was the baby from Hell so it was only natural that I dressed her thusly for her first Halloween.

She looks so innocent, but don't be fooled!

Fast forward a few years to 1983 and my girl was obsessed with the movie Annie, so Annie it was. Isn't she adorable? She absolutely loved this costume, especially the wig and literally wore it out playing dress-up for a long, long time.

One of my fondest Halloween memories is my Mom taking old sheets and making us witch costumes (how accurate was that?) and then dyeing them black in the washing machine. Too bad no pictures exist of us.

Bad mom (me) has not done the scanning of my son's album yet, but maybe for next year......

We are planning a quiet night watching horror movies and giving candy to the few Trick-or-Treaters that will come by. Enjoy your day and night, because I know I will!

HaPpY hALLoWeeN ! ! !


Su Bee said...

LOL - I remember that Halloween
with all the little girls wanting to be Annie! Your Kate is far away the best, she looks just like Annie!
(does she still? - lol!)

Verry Sherry said...

love it!

Angela said...

Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing!!

Karrin Hurd said...

love the pictures, especially Annie, she looks just perfect!

The Carolina Quilter said...

What cute pix! I love the time line. You should have put one of her today!