Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Finished Quilt

And another nearly done!

I finally finished the baby quilt for Kate's friend Gia's baby girl who was born in August. Living in the Central Valley of California, trust me, this baby has no need of a quilt until October or November, but still, I felt bad being late for Kate's sake.

This quilt was made at the Linda Ballard retreat I attended in June at Trinidad, California. What a great setting and a fun time! The green fabric is not the one I brought to use, but the one I did bring (the paisley in the alternate blocks) just didn't offer enough contrast, so I was lucky that our on-site vendor had something that would work out. I machine quilted a darling motif in the snowball blocks from a set of Kerryn Emmerson patterns I'd bought at PIQF some years back. I traced the design on Golden Paper and then sewed over it without thread on the machine to create holes in all 5 copies. After pinning them to the quilt, I was able to quilt it up with no problem. I made up a design using the pieces of the pieced blocks as a guide and then bought a border stencil I thought would look nice and coincidentally, it was the same motif as the plain blocks, just in continuous linear form. Talk about lucky!

I'm also about to finish the quilt I started in January for my grandson Alex (who is 6 1/2 months old!) and will hand deliver it to him on November 3rd when I go down to visit.

Best news is that I discovered my PIQF pictures intact on the camera! For some odd reason, they were not showing when I tried to scroll through them on the camera, but did show up when I downloaded some newer ones I'd taken. Go figure.


Tazzie said...

What a lovely quilt Jan, the colours are so pretty. I can't believe how lucky you are to still have your pictures in the camera - I don't often have the same luck!

Nancy said...

Golly that's a pretty quilt, Sistah!

floribunda said...

beautiful quilt, Jan! I've been planning to try the golden paper trick for quilting but haven't quite gotten there yet...

Kim said...

Great quilt!

Susan said...

Very pretty girly quilt! Those pink snowball corners just make the whole design. Good choice!