Friday, July 27, 2007

Debbie Caffrey Cuts It

Last week, my Sistahs Kathy and Becky came for a visit and we were very lucky to be able to attend two lectures and workshops with Debbie Caffrey.

Debbie is the author of Open a Can of Worms, Another Can of Worms, Power Cutting and Power Cutting Too, among others. She was a great speaker and offered us many tips on how to organize our stashes--ways we'd never thought of ourselves. We would look at each other and almost see the lightbulb go on over each other's heads (not to mention the "Duh" factor).

The workshops were even better.

Since these were process rather than product classes, we used scrappy fabrics to make the sample blocks and I think we were all amazed at how we could cut half square triangles and quarter square triangles from 2 1/2 inch strips, using rulers that we'd all had to buy for one class or another, but never used beyond that. She taught us to cut trapezoids too!!

I was completely impressed by the number and quality of the handouts she provided us. Using extra covers of her books as folders, she filled them with copies of patterns and cutting charts from the actual books, plus a few bonus patterns that were not in the books. Very generous of her to share all that with us. I wasn't the only one to purchase a few of her books just to get the full tips and all of the patterns which for the most part are quick and easy.

Debbie has also designed over 125 Mystery Quilt patterns and I've done a few of them at the Pincushion Boutique in Davis with Kathy (who has done way more than a couple!)

In addition to all the fun we had with Debbie, Kathy, Becky and I had a great time just being together. Quilting at it's best!

Next week--a trip to visit the boys in Fresno!!!


Anonymous said...
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Nancy said...

Sounds GREAT! Wish I could have been there!

Nicole said...

The Debbie Caffrey classes sound like they were just amazing. If I ever get a chance to sign up for one of her workshops I will jump on it. Isn't it incredible what you can pick up from a real pro in just a few hours? I would love to hear more about her ideas for organizing one's stash.

Susan said...

It sounds like you all had not only a good time, but an instructive one. Are you going to share your blocks?

Finn said...

Wow Jan, what a marvelous and educational time you gals had! It sounds perfect...such great handouts and learning things that you can actually USE! I'd be buying her books and patterns also..*VBS*
Love your doll's nice to have it be sooo representative of her country...unique and special!
Love the one you sent also...very nice job on thost pinwheels. Keep up the good work!! Hugs, Finn

Samantha said...

sounds like a fabulous workshop/lecture!