Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hand Quilting

Of course this isn't me and this isn't my doll quilt, but you get the idea. I must say that I don't hand quilt in "traditional" way--I'm an up and down stab quilter, one stitch at a time. I taught myself and by the time I found a mentor or book with instructions, the patterning was ingrained in my brain and it was too late. I've tried to change from time to time, but after 32 years, this old dog ain't learning any new tricks in that regard.

I had it on the design wall for a couple of days while I was trying to figure out the outer border situation when I realized that it was done. Adding more just to have more would have been superfluous. Sometimes enough is enough.

I'm hoping to have the quilting done by next Monday so I can pop this baby in the mail to A Mystery Recipient and actually be ahead of the deadline. That would be pretty darned amazing for me as I am busting a gut to complete a Sew-A-Row for the Thursday deadline and I've had it since March......and it is a Mini row only 14" wide.

Today being Fourth of July, we are having hamburgers and I made homemade buns yesterday using the Year In Bread recipe from Kevin. The recipe sinfully calls for bacon fat and I went for it since we are not having the usual macaroni salad which is like crack to my Hubby. The buns look pretty dang tasty and I'll soon be popping a Texas Sheet Cake in the oven as well. Gotta bake early as the temps are expected to be near 100 F today.


Anonymous said...

You may not quilt in the "traditional" way, but your hand quilting is beautiful.
The buns sound yummy!

Happy 4th!

Kathy B

Susan said...

Hey, I'm a pragmatist. Whatever works! If you are happy with it, who cares how you do it?

The picture of the rotary cutter is exactly how I cut. =) And I *always* close it immediately!