Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Susan (DesertSky) was tagged by Shelina who was tagged by Finn, and now she's tagged me. Here goes:

Five Things to Do Before I Die:

Five Things I Can Do: Five Things I Cannot Do (yet, if ever):
  • Read music and play an instrument
  • Keep my sewing area neat and tidy
  • Sing without making people nearby ill
  • Endure large crowds/gatherings for extended periods
  • Enjoy driving in freeway traffic
Five Things That Make a Man Attractive to me:
  • Intelligence--the most powerful attractant of all.
  • Voice--give me a strong one.
  • Eyes--they say it all.
  • Laugh--makes me happy to hear it.
  • Tallness / Broad shoulders--because big girls need big guys.
Perfect example of perfect man at right.

Five Celebrity Crushes:

Well, thats it. I can't think of anyone to tag, so if you read this, consider yourself tagged and let me know so I can read it!

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Susan said...

I loved reading your answers. I should have put the one about sticking to an exercise program in my can't-do-yet! LOL! Thanks for playing along.