Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pay It Forward

The company is gone and the visit with the boys done, so now its time to take care of business.

I'm one of the lucky winners in Nancy of Blogging, Near Philadelphia's "Pay It Forward" give-away.

So, its my turn to Pay It Forward, and the first three people to make a comment will get something handmade by me.

I don't care where in our big, but also small quilting world you live, I'll mail internationally.

My plan is to have it in the mail by Labor Day.
UPDATE 08/06/07 5:55 pm, pdt:
DEB: email me directly
Still TWO openings!


Nancy said...

LOVE your graphic for this post, Sistah. I plan to have my PIFs ITM by Labor Day, too. This isn't a comment to be considered for another PIF!

Vicki said...

Just got through reading your blog from yesterday.
After a big weekend, it's back to work.

Anonymous said...

oh, would love to have something handmade by you.


Debi said...

I attended at workshop by Debbie a couple years ago, it was a fun time.

Ms. Jan said...

I need your email address!!