Friday, May 25, 2007

Fun Times in Fresno

We just got back from a flying trip to Fresno and a visit with my two favorite boys. Mom had our first day well-planned with a trip to the carousel for Benjamin and Nana. Benj loves the "Ride A Horsie" and we went on it twice. As you can see, we both had a good time and we even let Mom ride with us the second ride.

After the carousel, we went over to the theater met up with Dad to get tickets to see Shrek the Third. This was Benj's first trip to the movies and he wasn't quite sure about the noise level of the previews, which I swear are twice as loud as the movie itself.
We went the whole nine yards and got the kiddie popcorns for all of us except Mom, who isn't wild about it and Dad managed to finish Benj's just before he wanted more. Figures.

We had a great time at the movie and then picked up Dawn who was babysitting and her charge Alex, then met Pop at a local brew-pub for dinner. Worn out, Nana and Pop retreated to the motel and hit the sack.

The next day we hung out at home with Alex (Mr. Excitement), pictured at right. After he woke up, Nana let him get out of his clothes (but not diaper, I'm not that foolish), and gave him some floor time and baby calisthenics. We really worked to get a smile out of him, and this is as close as we got. He must have thought that his Nana was pretty goofy singing and making faces at him.

We came home tired on Wednesday and I'm back to sewing on some projects Kate sent home with me.

This being Memorial Day Weekend, take a moment to remember those who have lost their lives to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you have a spare quilt or top, consider sending it to American Hero Quilts. You won't be sorry.



Anonymous said...

Great photos! Alex is a sweet boy.

Life is good.

Kathy B

Nancy said...

Oh, my, Kate's done it again. Alex is SOOOOOOO cute!

Susan said...

There's obviously more to Fresno than Fran and I saw when we stayed in Clovis! Glad you had a great time with those lucky boys. Shrek 3 is playing here in small town America this weekend, but Paul doesn't want to go. Can't imagine why.

Thanks for the AmHero plug!