Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Here he is, in one of his favorite grandson, the fabulous Mr. B., known to others as Benjamin.

Clutched in his left hand are his bathtub crayons, actually soap. He was coloring the sides of the tub and absolutely shreiking with glee. Then his Mama, the ever-ironic Kato observed that perhaps crayons that write on walls weren't such a good idea.......good thing his Grandmas didn't buy them, Mama did.

I can't wait for next weekend when I get to see my little sweetheart at the timeshare--Lake Tahoe!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Talk about bedroom eyes, Jan. What a honey.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...
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Susan said...

What a wonderful picture. No wonder you are looking forward to Tahoe! Have fun!

Susan said...

what a sweetie. Maybe if the "crayons" are only in the tub? I'm telling ya, those magic eraser things are a godsend!