Monday, September 18, 2006

Tahoe, Baby

We made a quick trip to Lake Tahoe for the weekend to hang out with Kate and Mr. B. while Dad was at a 2 day bachelor's party for a friend.

On Saturday, Kate, B. and I decided to ride the Heavenly Valley gondolas up to the top of the hill and it was worth every dime! The day was gorgeous, Friday's wind had cleared out the smoke from the wildfires in the Sierra foothills, so we had some pretty good views.

The weather was very cold when we arrived Friday, with a few snow sprinkles as we came down the hill into the Tahoe valley, but had warmed up considerably by Saturday.

This picture was taken from the top of the hill and is looking down on South Lake Tahoe, CA and Stateline, Nevada , two towns separated by a street that is more like an alley on one side of the road and a sidewalk on the other side. Obviously, the larger buildings are the Nevada casinos for those not familiar with this corner of the world.

Lake Tahoe is one of the prettiest places in California, in my opinion and certainly the prettiest in Nevada (I've lived there, I know.)

Finally, here is Mr. B, dirty face and all with me, his Nana. I found the "G is for Gondola" shirt at the gift shop and couldn't resist since it matches his eyes perfectly.

We had great fun playing with his dice and doing horsey rides on Nana and "Bop's" legs and playing "push-Nana-over-and-then-pull-her-up." Great fun!!

Until next time (in two weeks) buddy~


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Well, he's not a baby any more, thassfershure. He's a kid and a darned cute one at that! Sounds like a glorious time.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! You look so happy holding the B'man :-)

Kathy B

Karrin Hurd said...

Love the great pictures, you both look like happy campers!

Lynne said...

A two day bachelor party? Is the guy still fit to marry?? LOL

Susan said...

You're looking good, Jan! BTW, I wanted to answer the question you left in my blog, but I can't find your address. Several things were wiped out when I changed computers, and last time you wrote, I guess I didn't realize that was one!