Friday, September 29, 2006

La Familia

Yesterday we went down to San Anselmo for a mini-reunion at my cousin Ellen's home. Present were Dad's baby sisters Madaline and Blanche who will be 82 and 87 respectively in November. Also present were two of Blanche's granddaughters and some of their kids and two of my cousin Ellen's grown daughters. Pictured at right are Madaline and Blanche, the last two siblings of Dad's family left.

Below is a picture of Madaline with my cousin Ellen, an adoptions counselor in Marin County.

It was great to meet my Aunt Blanche's granddaughters Lori and Tammy, daughters of my cousin Barbara who couldn't be there. Laurie and Tammy both brought some of the kids, Tammy's boys are pictured below. The picture below has two of the kids, Ellen's daughter Camilla (in hat), Laurie, Tammy, Melissa and the boys.

Finally, there is a picture of most of "the girls", Ellen, Madaline, Blanche, Jan and Laurie. We had a lovely time and I really enjoyed talking about my Dad with his little sisters and seeing a few of the Brackett family members.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Looks like you all enjoyed your get together.

Kathy B

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

How wonderful. It's great to get together with little-known family!

Susan said...

Isn't it lovely to still have some aunts? They look pretty good!