Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Showtime!

The Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County are hosting their annual show, Wine Country Quilts, this weekend. Submissions are due tonight, and I can't believe that I got everything done and ready to deliver two days early. This was not the Herculean task it might seem since 4 of the 5 pictured at right were finished quilts, just needing hanging sleeves and labels for completion. The mini quilt with Christmas trees, "O Tannenbaum," was a project of the Snooze-You-Lose Mini Group as was the scarecrow quilt called "If I only had a brain."

The background quilt, you may recognize as The Acorn, made as a surprise for me by my daughter Kate and her advisor Mr. B. I'm entering it in her name so she and I can be in the Moonlighter's show together. The quilt on the upper right has been featured on this blog in the past and on the upper left is a quilt I made 5 years ago as a challenge for my trip to Sisters, Oregon.

This quilt is called Quilting IS Therapy. I purchased the center panel at BJ's in Bend, Oregon in July of 2000 while staying in Sunriver prior to the annual quilt show in Sisters. I originally purchased it as a joke to show my co-workers and hubby because at the time I was working as the office manager of a non-profit counseling agency where hubby was working as a marriage and family therapist. I knew they would get a kick out of it, and they did. Then, the 2001 Sisters attendees were issued a small amount of a fabric and issued the challenge to use it in a project. I decided to incorporate the panel and mini-blocks to comemorate some of the blocks I've made into quilts, though some of these blocks were just easy to piece in the 3 inch size needed for the project. I embellished the quilt with a vintage measuring tape and sewing themed buttons. As time went by, I added quilt show pins and other quilty things. One of my favorite things is the first block in from the left corner of the top row, a skeleton key and puffy heart because....."Quilting is the key to my heart."

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Anonymous said...

Your quilts looked so good on display at the quilt show this weekend!
Kathy B