Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

And all that jazz.

Last week, I spent the week in Lompoc with my friends Becky and Kathy and Laurinda. We sewed, chatted, laughed, cooked and ate, not necessarily in that order. Becky was hard at work on a Debbie Caffrey "Three or More" quilt for a family member in Christmas colors. Nice.

Well, mostly. Did I mention that the recipient of this quilt is an Elvis fan? Did I mention that Becky found the most amazing Christmas fabric for an Elvis fan? Not the most beautiful, but certainly Elvis. Wait......maybe this IS the real E. Our personal favorite is the one at the center of the top of this piece of fabric, the picture affectionately nicknamed "Seizure Elvis." A closer look will reveal eyes kind of rolled upward and we thought the name more charitable than "Stoned Elvis."

Becky deliberated long and hard about putting this fabric on the front of the quilt as an outside border, but decided that it might be a bit over-the-top. Good call. BUT, Kathy and I pounded her mercilessly until she agreed to put just a wee piece of the King on the front. We thought she placed it perfectly, don't you?

Now I know you want a close up of that, don't you? Well here you go:


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