Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Not Lazy, I'm Busy!

It has been a busy week with the Snooze-You-Lose mini group and The Lunch Bunch getting together (isn't having quilty pals the best?), but really people, I haven't even unpacked most of my PIQF booty except for one thing. Oh, and the sleep study follow-up. Maybe once I get the breathing machine (CPAP), I'll get enough sleep at night to give up naps which will equal more sewing time!

Sadly, I didn't sew as much at PIQF as I'd hoped, but I did manage to start a NEW project that I purchased while I was there. I think I'm more of a handwork person when it comes to travel on short trips, so will plan accordingly next time.

I did, however, run into a blogging pal from Down Under! Tara, aka Tazzie, was visiting the US on vacation and was hanging out on preview night with my old buddy from way back, Marilyn! I knew she was going to be there, but didn't dream I'd get to meet her in all the hubub that is PIQF. We are pictured here right near the Bonnie Blue Quilts booth where a bit of damage was done by one and all. It was great to finally meet Tazzie as I'm using a cute sewing mat I bought from her under my travel machine whenever I use it. She's a sweetheart, just like you'd think from reading her blog.

I've finished all but the final block for the 1800's sampler and most of the lattice stars are done as well. I'll be putting them up on the design wall tomorrow (maybe) and asking your opinion on arrangements. The next installment of the Designers Mystery Block of the Month is done as well.

I got a couple of quilts back from my Sistah Becky that she'd worked some magic with and now have them to bind before Thanksgiving. Because they are a semi-secret project, I won't post pictures until they are delivered.

Applique Skeleton Update: 2 ribs left and then the dentition!! (It has been suggested by my Sistah Kathy that one tooth is just enough and I'm thinking she may be right!)


Tazzie said...

It was just so much fun to meet you Jan, I'm thrilled that we did manage to bump into each other, because it can get crazy busy there.
Next time I'm in the US, we'll have to organise to spend some quality time together.

dot said...

That is my favorite blodk. I like making it and I like seeing it in quilts.

VerrySherry said...

hi jan, remind me, what is the PI of quilt festival? Pacific International? It sounded like fun!

Nancy said...

It's good to hear youah voice again, Sistah. Been a bit too quiet here for my taste.

n, np

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love that red and green block. I, like you, have been too busy to sew much lately... what is WRONG with that picture? arrgh! Looks like you had fun at Festival!! Take good care...

Teresa said...

Beautiful block!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I love your block. Oh I do! Happy you had such a great time. I've returned twice to read it. Makes me happy. And I love Bonnie Blue so that works, too!

Quilts and Friends are Love, *karendianne.

em's scrapbag said...

What a fabulous trip and to run into your friends makes it extra special. I love your block it is fabulous.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Whew, I did come by and leave a good comment. Just had to check because apparently I'm doing a lot of "stopping by" at msjanquilts and not leaving my calling card!

Barely Showing Love, *karendianne.