Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Donate and Win!

Via Malagueta's blog. She was my recipient for last winter's Four Seasons Quilt Swap, so I check her blog as it updates. For a $10 donation you can win a "Yes We Can" quilt by renowned quilt artist and designer Denyse Schmidt. And even if you don't win the quilt, you can still support a winner!

A description from the Obama website:

Renowned contemporary American quilt artist Denyse Schmidt and friends have created a quilt inspired by Barack Obama’s message of hope and change. Long before women had the vote, they created quilts with political and commemorative themes. We are proud to participate in this honorable tradition.

Help us support Barack Obama’s campaign! Make a $10 donation and you will be entered into a drawing to own this historical heirloom. Contribute any amount in increments of ten to increase your odds of winning (in more ways than one). For instance, donate $50 and you name will be entered into the drawing five times.

The 50” x 52” quilt is 100% cotton, hand-appliqu├ęd and machine-quilted.

Make donations now through midnight on election day November 4th. One lucky winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of supporters.

Time is short and the stakes are high. A donation to Barack Obama is an investment in our future.

Spread the word – the world will thank you for it!

Heading out tomorrow for PIQF to hang out with Kathy B. and Becky. Back Saturday.

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