Saturday, September 06, 2008

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I have the lattice for the lotto blocks all cut out now that the replacement fabric has arrived. Seems I, in my infinite wisdom, managed to cut the WOF pieces 9 inches instead of 9 1/2. Brilliant! Luckily, I was able to order an additional 2/3 yard online and was a bit more careful with the second go-round.

I have been embroidering on the redwork Quilter's Blessings so generously shared with everyone by Bea at Capricorn Quilts- BOM. Thanks Bea!

Here's a shot of my design wall with the Pepper Cory blocks to date, Bea's redwork, my lotto blocks and some paper pieced (from EQ6) letters.

I have a few redwork blocks prepared and the skeleton applique ready to go because on Tuesday morning we are flying to Hawaii! I doubt if I'll be blogging again before we leave, so have a nice week and I'll see you later.


Anonymous said...

I have more of the lattice fabric, if you need it. Your Pepper Cory project is looking great! Have a fabulous time in the islands!!!
Your sistah,
Kathy B

~Angie said...

Measure twice---cut once! Yep! Been there, done that. On a redwork quilt (me too!) Only in my case it was squaring up the completed blocks! 4 of them had to be redone. Upset does not even cover it! Yours are looking wonderful! Can't wait to see that skeleton---you just keep giving us teasing peeks! (grin) Have fun in Hawaii---it's got to be cooler there I hope.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh you crack me up with your "brilliant" comment. I've experienced that special feeling that goes with a miscut.

Love seeing your design wall, too. Thanks for sharing.

Gosh, enjoy Hawaii. What a treat.

*karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven

Mary said...

I love the lotto blocks - one of these days I'm going to make a sampler quilt of some type.

BTW, I love the profile photo with the wine - I'm holding a glass of red in my photo too and since it's almost 6PM, it must be happy hour!

Michelle said...

Your Capricorn BOM blocks look great!

Bea said...

YES! Your design wall is georgeous.

Moira said...

Lvoe how the embroidered blocks are coming along. and the lotto blocks are looking great too!

I just awarded you the "Kreativ Blog" award. Go see my at .