Sunday, March 30, 2008

Out O'Here

From Santa Rosa on something like this:

To this, Lancaster County Pennsylvania where some folks look like this:

I'm hopping on Chicken Hawk Airlines (Alaska/Horizon) tonight and connecting in Los Angeles for a red-eye flight to Pittsburgh, PA.

In LA, I'll meet up with my Sistah Becky and in Pittsburgh we will be picked up by our Sistah Kat from Ohio who will already have picked up our Sistah Kathy whose flight arrived a bit earlier from Sacramento. We will then motor to Strasburg (Almost Near Philadelphia), for a four night stay at the White Oak Bed and Breakfast. During our stay, we plan to visit The Old Country Store, The Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum, Sauders, Miller's, and who knows where else.

I can't wait to see my pals again and as a special bonus, Nancy, Near Philadelphia is going to come out and join us on Tuesday! Other than missing my Sweetie, which always happens after the first 48 hours or so, this is gonna be one fun trip!


Karrin Hurd said...

Have a great time, give everyone hugs for me!

Sherry said...

Have you ever been to Shady Maple Smorgasbord? IMHO it is better than Miller's (cheaper, too). It's on Rt. 23 near Churchtown.

And, if you get to Shady Maple you may want to head down Rt. 23 back towards Morgantown & hit Obie's Country Store (more fabric than you could ever imagine gets into that store!! -- Just don't stand too close to the potholders -- they "exploded" on my DH & I this past Saturday).

Plus there are the Hayloft Shops in Morgantown (quilt & gift store above a grocery store). .

Oh, there is also Good's Store that is on the same property as Shady Maple --- I got flat folds there for $2.19/yd this past weekend.

Have a wonderful time,


*Angie said...

Jan, I know you will have a wonderful time. Let me know how the Chicken Hawk airlines is when you get back! Sounds like Sherry has a goot itinerary for you! Exploding potholders? wondering about that!

Finn said...

Oh my Ms Jan, it sounds wonderful! And what fun to meet up with Nancy. I just checked out her blog and my, she's fun too! Have a marveous time...spend lots!
Hugs, Finn

Jeanne said...

Sounds wonderful! I know you'll have a wonderful time.