Sunday, February 04, 2007

Quilting at Last From "A" to "B"

Stupid Blogger.

I wrote a post a couple of days ago with a progress report on the quilts I'm currently working on for my grandson Benjamin and his baby brother Alex who will be born in a couple of months. The post was done complete with photos and Blogger ate it. Humbug.

Getting Alex's quilt ready for hand quilting was my first priority because I could then work on it while watching TV at night. So, here it is. Looking at it now, I'm wishing that the outer border was a blue background print, but I think when the quilting is done it will be fine. I'd never before tried a triple mitered border, and it worked out just fine. The red border is actually sewed to the white border so it won't flip around after washing. I have started the hand quilting with a shooting star template that I used a few years ago on a quilt for one of my great-nephews. I am outlining the puppies and kitties and then quilting around the inside of each octagon and again 1/2 inches inside.

Benjamin's Robot quilt was pieced by his Mom using the "Just Can't Cut It" pattern. She used a variety of robot prints and didn't follow the pattern exactly (that's my girl!). It is larger than twin size and I'm quilting it on my Bernina and Juki following some of the designs in the fabrics for the smaller squares. I have a rocket ship printed from Electric Quilt for the large squares. I haven't quite figured out the outer border yet. Today, on one of the squares with planets (like the one shown) I quilted "Where's Pluto?" and then #9 as my mark of protest over Pluto's demotion in our solar system. I'm not a very experienced machine quilter, so each project is a learning experience. I am feeling more confident as I go and have even done some motifs and words without drawing them out first.

This old dog may be able to learn a few new tricks after all!

Tomorrow morning, very early, I hop on Amtrak to go visit with Mr. B. and his Mommy~yippee!!


paula, the quilter said...

Mr Benjamin's quilt is cute! Nice work

Nancy said...

Blogger can be VERY exasperating! But you are making nice quilts . . . .

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The quilts are great, I just LOVE children's quilts. I applaud your planet protest!

Mama Koch said...

Love the embroidery quilt! Your quilts are very similiar to mine.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your grandson is a doll. Glad you can go visit often.