Friday, February 09, 2007

Heading Home

In a couple of hours, I'll be hopping on the train and heading back home to my sweetie and the pups. I've had a great visit with Mr. B and his parents, as always. It is kind of sad, but exciting at the same time to think that this is one of my last visits to them as a family of three. Things will change with the coming of Alex, and in a good way, but as B's reign as an only child and grandchild is coming to an end. I was lucky enough to get to go to Kate's OB appointment and got to hear Alex's heartbeat with the doppler. He's alive and swishing around like nobody's business and is expected to make his appearance in ten weeks or so.

As always, we had good splashy fun in the tub (he did, I got wet on the outside!). This child loves his bathtime so much that he will stay in until the water is room temperature and then fight to stay when you drag is blue and shivering body out. The first night he was in the tub for over an hour and I had to re-heat his water and add more bubbles.

As you can see, he is getting a tad more cooperative about having his picture taken and will at least remove his pacifier for me. Next we'll work on voluntary smiling on command.

Finally, the funniest thing was seeing him wake up with the same degree of bed-head that his darling mother used to have at that age. Hers was only worse because her hair was longer, but she always woke up with rats nests on the back of her head.


Anonymous said...

B is not a baby anymore, but an adorable little boy. Glad you had a great visit. Thanks for the photos.
Kathy B

Nancy said...

This young 'un is just crying out to be tickled and hugged! What a sweetie!

Samantha said...

My son is the same way at tub time. He'll even stay in after we drain it, begging for more water!

Melzie said...

AWW adorable bath pic. I bet he'll be a great big brother :) xoxo melzie

computerpeach said...

my kids love bath time too - i have to set the timer (we have a heat lamp on a timer) and that tells them it is time to get out so the other has a chance.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Happy Valentine's Day!